Established in 1992, Clark Realty Capital leverages the same entrepreneurial spirit and culture fostered more than a decade ago to encourage creative solutions to complex real estate challenges. Our firm is a national real estate company focused on serving our military housing partners and our longstanding, jointly owned real estate investments with the Clark organization.

We are a trendsetter in the real estate market and have a track record of industry "firsts" that demonstrate an ability to identify new opportunities and implement a creative vision. The results have generated superior financial performance, awards, and a reputation for innovation.

An entrepreneurial spirit, outstanding work environment, and the relentless pursuit of new ideas serve as a foundation for each of our endeavors. Our mission is to empower talented people to realize new opportunities and lead our industry in creating value for businesses, communities, and entrepreneurs.

Here, great ideas are given the freedom and resources to become reality. Working as a team, we have launched numerous successful ventures that have forged new paths in inner city development, created vibrant communities for our military families, and improved lives by developing affordable and workforce housing.